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Crocheted & Handmade, plus more ..from MAINE!

Crocheted & Handmade

in Maine

All of our items are personally crocheted or handmade in the State of Maine. There is just something extra special about getting handmade goods from a Mainer!

Inside the Mainely Handcrafts ™ website, you will find many different crocheted & handmade products available for sale. Crocheted dishcloths, cup cozies, pot holders, hot pads, and trivets are all available! We handmake scarves, cowls, snoods, neckwarmers, hats, and slouches - all by crochet. We crochet afgans, laphgans, and blankets. From toy dolls to baby bibs to baby blankets, you will find many diffeent items here too. We even make elegant shawls!

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